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How It Works

We start with a free consultation to discuss what type of service you desire. Next, we review your health goals, food preferences, and lifestyle. Then we develop a customized menu for you and schedule a cook date.

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Who We Are

Chef Sue has ten years of experience planning, creating menus, and preparing daily meals for individuals, families, or events.  Her passion is staying abreast of best health practices, studying food trends, and improving nutrition through real food.

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Where to Start

Having a private chef is affordable at $45 an hour.  In one cook date, Sue can prepare several meals tailored to meet your individual health considerations. Get a free consultation through our quick and easy to use contact request by clicking the link below.

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Your Personal Chef

Having a private chef is afforable, and gives you time to live your life.  Sue can tailor menus to met the needs of individual health considerations, such as allergies or food restrictions. She personalizes each meal to what each person wants and needs, using her expertise to blend with their preferences.

Highly Recommended

Sue chooses only the healthiest, freshest ingredients.  Her passion for the art of cooking shows in the delicious dishes she prepares.  You tell her what your favorite foods and and she does the rest.  She loves bringing joy into someones lfe by making the fuel for their bodies, not only nutritious but beautiful and of course, delicious!  

Freshly Prepared

Organic, clean eating is what Sue focuses on.  Whatever your dietary goals, she can create gluten-free, or low carb, or low fat and sugar meals that taste delicious.  At only $35 per hour, her services are very affordable. 

Fresh Ingredients

This is our secret

Sue starts with organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fresh ingredients.  She has spent time studying and searching for highly rated ingredients. She knows where to shop and where to find unique ingredients. 

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